Certified Product Destruction

At Cal Micro Recycling, we understand that proper destruction of unwanted inventory is essential to your company’s brand, reputation, and product integrity. Our secure destruction solutions provide you with peace of mind that your recalled, defective, or expired products will not be misused or land in the wrong hands.

Unlike other companies, we destroy all products delivered to us in-house. We do not resell our inventory to third-party recyclers who take your products abroad. This allows us to certify destruction and provide a clear chain of custody for your products.

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Get Your Expired, Defective, Obsolete, or Recalled Inventory Destroyed Professionally

We offer one-time bulk pick-up or periodic scheduled deliveries for product destruction. We ensure that the chain of custody remains intact and closely monitored from the moment we receive your shipment. Our facility is secured and under 24-hour surveillance to ensure your products are monitored the entire time we have them.

We provide a certificate of destruction for each shipment of products destroyed so you can maintain accurate records. Each certificate details the products destroyed and the method of destruction so you can feel safe sending your products to us. At your request, we can provide video evidence of your product’s destruction to ensure accountability.

How Does ‘Bad’ Inventory Impact My Brand?

Each year, companies invest billions of dollars in managing their brands. Brand management involves many different aspects, including visual presentation, customer satisfaction, and the quality of your product. It is the analysis and planning of how a company’s brand and products are perceived in the market. Many companies invest heavily in brand management to protect their image and remain favorable to customers.

If finished goods are discovered to be damaged, outdated, defective, or recalled for safety reasons, it becomes critical for the companies to protect their brand image from repercussions. To do this, they must stop any more of these products from reaching the marketplace and destroy the ones that have been produced.

Getting products out of circulation quickly and properly disposing of them can have an enormous impact on your brand’s future image and sales.

Companies that fail to act quickly and dispose of these goods the right way can find their defective or expired products turning up on the grey market. This can damage consumer confidence in their brand.

What Should My Company Do With Excess Inventory?

Many companies that produce or store goods for sale eventually run into problems storing products that are old, no longer supported or sold, or worse, defective. Often, storage is not a practical, let alone desirable, solution. However, disposing of branded products through traditional waste management systems is risky. It is not uncommon for branded products that are disposed of in this way to enter the grey market.

The safest and best way to eliminate unwanted inventory without risking your brand’s reputation is to destroy the excess inventory. Depending on the nature of the products and the scale of the inventory, this may not be practical to do in-house. Cal Micro Recycling specializes in certified product destruction and can solve the problem of unwanted and unsellable inventory.

If your unwanted inventory is E-waste, consider our electronics recycling services.

What Is the Grey Market?

Simply put, a grey market is the trade of legitimate products or goods through distribution channels that are legal but unintended by the original manufacturer. In a grey market situation, legitimate brand name products are being sold legally outside your company’s control.

The original manufacturing and distribution companies do not reap any profits from grey market sales. These are almost always products that are faulty, expired, damaged, or even deemed unsafe.

Why Do I Need to Keep My Products Off the Grey Market?

Unfortunately, consumers who buy legitimate products through grey market resellers will not receive the benefits of manufacturer warranties nor any type of customer service. Furthermore, faulty, expired, damaged, or even unsafe goods sold in the grey market can result in legal actions from the consumer in the event of an injury. Grey market resellers are largely insulated from these risks, leaving you and your company on the hook. This is one of the primary reasons you should be concerned about your products ending up on the grey market.

Certified product destruction helps businesses keep their old, defective, or unsold products off the grey market. This shields your company and brand from lawsuits, poor press, and customer dissatisfaction. By sending these unwanted products to a facility that destroys products on-site, you are helping keep your brand and reputation safe.

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