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Corporate social and environmental responsibility has gained a tremendous amount of interest in the past decade. In an increasingly environmentally conscious world, businesses that lead the way in environmental compliance can bring many benefits. They have realized that acting in a socially and environmentally responsible way is more than just a legal duty. It impacts their bottom line and their long-term success.


Initiating an environmentally responsible business practice is the right thing to do, but will require time, money, and resources to ensure that the program is implemented and executed correctly. One of the biggest challenges is how to properly manage different forms of waste streams that meets strict environmental standards. Your organization can manage this process yourselves, or you can outsource this responsibility to experts that have the knowledge, experience, and proven track record with both State and Federal environmental agencies.

Cal Micro Recycling: Your One-Stop Recycling and Destruction Solutions Provider

For over 15 years, Cal Micro Recycling has been Southern California’s trusted solutions provider for the proper disposition of electronic waste, product & inventory, and secure data. Not every waste stream is the same so we partner closely with you to find tailored disposition solutions that align with your environmental initiatives and maintain compliance with State and Federal regulations.


With our consultative approach to tackling multiple waste streams, why go with multiple service providers? Cal Micro Recycling is your one-stop electronics recycling and destruction solutions provider.

Electronics Recycling

Electronics Recycling

Convenient E-Waste & IT recycling solutions with a focus on security and compliance. Our wide range of knowledge and capabilities, extremely eco-friendly operation, and first class approval rating with the State of California, provides a Best-In-Class service for a wide variety of clients. You see waste, we see resource.


Product Destruction

Protect your company’s brand integrity against unauthorized sales and trading channels. Cal Micro Recycling offers secure and certified product destruction solutions to cost-effectively eliminate damaged, outdated, blemished, or recalled products and inventory that are unsellable in the marketplace.


Mobile Data & Document Destruction

Safeguard your sensitive documents and electronic data against identity theft, corporate espionage, and data breaches through mobile on-site paper and hard drive shredding solutions. We offer one-time purges or recurring shred services to safely and conveniently destroy your sensitive information right in front of you.


CRT Glass Destruction

Cal Micro Recycling takes every precaution at every level to handle CRT glass in a correct and safe manner, has a feasible recycling solution for CRT glass, and operates incessantly within the boundaries of environmental regulation and compliance.

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