Shredding Legal Documents to Protect Your Firm and Clients

Law firms accomplish important client work on a daily basis. Keeping careful records is critical to the work you do, but the risks of a data breach are a concern because you are constantly dealing with sensitive information. Relying on your staff to manage the secure disposal and destruction of valuable information can be an inconvenient, costly, unreliable, and time-consuming task. A professional shredding company can handle all of your safe and secure shredding for legal documents to protect your firm and your clients.

Destruction of Legal Documents and Other Important Paperwork

Every employee or staff member at your firm should be clearly and fully versed on the proper handling of legal documents and other important paperwork. However, to ensure that all documentation is kept completely secure, it is highly recommended that you work with a professional shredding service. Shredding Mobile can assist you in setting up a locked collection container for the proper disposal of your documents. With a routine service schedule in place, our professional shredders can shred your documents for you, saving you time and expense. Outsourcing this service to a professional shredding company guarantees that document destruction is completed successfully and appropriately. Our specialists provide a Certificate of Destruction immediately after service to protect your firm against any possible liability claims.

Digital Document Destruction

Handling information stored on hard drives or multimedia also carries some risk. During retention, you can protect your e-documents to reduce the risk of data breach. Use strong and secure passwords, and avoid real names, phrases, and well-known substitutions (such as “@” for “a”). Consider making passwords out of an acronym for something with personal meaning just to you (such as a memorable event date), and avoid using the same password for multiple accounts. Lastly, lock the information down with surveillance, encryption, PDFs, etc.

Past retention, all information should be destroyed, as information that is in an email inbox or e-filed can be just as much a liability as a printed document. Secure information is not adequately protected if files are merely “deleted;” they should be physically destroyed to protect you and your clients. Non-paper destruction through special shredding services ensures the proper disposal of this sensitive information.

You can protect your law firm and your clients’ information by using legal document destruction services. Shredding Mobile can develop a customized plan for your firm to limit your liability and keep you in compliance with all federal and state regulations.

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