How to Get Rid of Your Old Mattress

If you have an old bed in storage or you want to replace it with a newer one, you might be wondering what to do with it. Americans discard millions of mattresses every year, taking up as much as 800 million cubic feet of valuable landfill space. A mattress is made of approximately 90 percent recyclable materials such as metal, foam, fiber, and wood, all of which are wasted without proper recycling. Instead of dumping it in the trash, consider taking the eco-friendly route.

Do I need a new mattress?

Beds can last many years, but not many people know when it is time to replace theirs with a new one. Some believe if the mattress is not damaged, it is still in decent condition. However, you may need a replacement if you notice the following:

  • Back pain or poor posture: While many men and women develop aches and pains as they age, the chronic discomfort they feel may actually stem from having an old mattress.
  • Restless sleep: Waking up in the morning feeling tired is another condition that is often attributed to aging, but the culprit may be sleeping on an old bed.
  • Noticeable dips in your mattress: A bed should be level and be evenly firm to deliver optimal comfort. Sagging can be caused by broken down springs and often results in joint, muscle, and back pain that worsens with time.

Where do I take my old mattress?

Customers in Southern, Central, and Northern California as well as Nevada can get outstanding mattress recycling services at MAT Services by Cal Micro Recycling. Our specialists utilize top-of-the-line equipment for maximum efficiency and ensure that all usable materials are handled correctly. You can bring as many as five beds to the facility without scheduling an appointment and reduce your carbon footprint in the process.


To learn more about professional mattress recycling services, please call Cal Micro Recycling at 909.467.4800.