Secure Data and Document Destruction (Mobile Shredding)

Do you and your business make it a habit of shredding everything or are you selective about what is shredded? Today, enterprises acquire mass amounts of information about their clients and employees, much of which is still stored using paper filing. Despite having a general understanding of the importance of data and document destruction, many organizations fall short when it comes to creating and maintaining an efficient shred policy. Some of the benefits of developing a standardized system for secure data and document destruction include the following:

  • Eliminates theft of your electronic information
  • Minimizes risk of any data breaches
  • Protects your clientele from data leaks
  • Reduces unnecessary in-office clutter

Selective Shredding

Selective data shredding can be useful in that it helps reduce the risk of destroying documents that may still be needed for one reason or another. By adhering to a strict sorting protocol, there should be minimal chance of error. While many companies opt for selective data and document destruction, it is not considered to be the safest option.

Shredding Everything

Adopting a shred-all policy is the most practical approach to data and document destruction because there is little room for mismanagement.  Destroying all documents ensures there are no leaks, whether inside or outside of the office, of sensitive information that can compromise your dependability as a business. The caveat to having a shred-all policy is that employees will need to divert more of their time away from their usual daily tasks towards shredding documents. This can lead to companies reverting back to the practice of selective shredding. A more time-efficient and cost-effective option is to outsource document and data destruction to a company that specializes in this practice and has the equipment to do so.

Benefits of Outsourcing Data Destruction

By choosing to shred utilizing an eco-friendly data destruction service, you can:

  • Ensure that your private information is kept safe
  • Obtain a Certificate of Destruction that complies with privacy laws
  • Breathe easily knowing the paper will be recycled
  • Free employees from spending time on the mundane task of shredding documents

For more information about dependable, cost-efficient data and document destruction, please contact Cal Micro Recycling by calling 909.572.1661.

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