The Benefits of Using a Professional Shredding Company

While many services can be performed within your company, document shredding should be reserved for an external shredding company. Using a mobile shredding service will protect you, save you time, help the environment, and provide a number of other benefits for you and your business.

They Save You Time and Money

Having a mobile shredding business handle your document shredding saves you time and money.

  • You and your employees do not have to spend time feeding paper through the shredder, removing staples, cleaning up paper pieces, etc. Instead, you can focus your efforts on other things that further the business.
  • Instead of paying your employees to shred documents, you’re paying them to generate more revenue.
  • You and your employees can simply and easily discard no-longer-needed documents into the collection containers, and our company will manage the entire shredding process for you.
  • You will not have to pay for in-office shredders, maintenance, utility expenses, and machine replacements.

They Guarantee Full Document Destruction

Many in-office paper shredders are insufficient; the shredded strips of paper can be put back together by someone determined to obtain valuable information. Shredding specialists use a cross-hatch shredding technique that makes this practically impossible, providing an additional level of security for the information that was shredded. Mobile shredding is performed on-site so that you can see for yourself that your documents are securely destroyed. Furthermore, a Certificate of Destruction is issued immediately after all shredding activities have been performed to certify the safe and secure destruction of your sensitive data.

They Help Protect You and Your Clients

You and your clients have valuable information to protect. Ensuring that all documents are properly destroyed by a professional shredding company protects that information from falling into the wrong hands. Bags of shredded material left for recycling in your office may be at risk of being stolen by someone attempting to access confidential information. The risk is increased if they are not collected in secured containers prior to disposal. Shredding companies can help you avoid privacy breaches by providing industrial-grade locked consoles or bins where access is limited only to individuals certified or cleared to handle the documents. Reputable shredding companies even conduct an extensive 7-year background check on every one of their drivers. Therefore, the risk of identity theft and data breaches—which is typically higher within the workplace—is greatly reduced by using an external shredding company for all document shredding.

They Help Reduce Your Liability

Using a shredding company reduces your liability. Having a shredding company shred personal information for you can help you maintain compliance with federal and state regulations about the management of personal and client information. Knowing that you prioritize information safety will help your customers or clients feel more secure, and they will be more likely to trust your business. This reduces your risk of unhappy clients, potential lawsuits, and a bad reputation. As mentioned before, an official Certificate of Document Destruction, proving the time, date, and method of destruction, is provided immediately after the service to further reduce your liability in the event of a lawsuit.

They Contribute to the Protection the Environment

By using a shredding service, you do not have to expend valuable time and energy to recycle the documents you shred. Shredding services are eco-friendly and ensure that the paper is recycled and reused. This reduces the pressure on landfills and helps sustain our environment. It also keeps your office cleaner and safer by managing all the trash for you and preventing fire hazards from waste paper collection.

Our document shredding specialists can provide your business with an invaluable service. At Shredding Mobile, we offer a secure, environmentally friendly way of destroying documents to keep you and your clients’ information safe and protected. To work with us, call (833) 507-6934 or contact us online today.

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