The Importance of Recycling Batteries

After throwing waste into the garbage, few people know where their trash ends up. Most of the garbage that comes from homes and some small businesses typically goes to landfills. Organic waste eventually decomposes, but the toxic substances that are tossed out are unsafe for dumping. Sometimes we throw things away that we did not realize were harmful to the environment. Hazardous chemicals can seep into the ground, affecting the plant life within and around the dumping site. The consequence of improper waste disposal can be contamination of the land, water, and even the foods we consume.

Batteries, for example, are composed of corrosive and toxic substances and can only be handled safely at a professional recycling facility. They also contain valuable materials that can be processed and saved for future use. In California, all batteries are classified as hazardous waste and must not be thrown in the trash. Unfortunately, only a tiny percentage of used batteries are recycled, meaning millions of batteries get thrown into landfills every year.

Types of Batteries That Can Be Recycled

There are many different kinds of batteries on the market, and all of them must be disposed of properly. All sizes, such as AA, AAA, C, D, button cell, and 9-volt, are all banned from landfills. Some of the most common types of batteries and their recyclable components include:

  • Alkaline: zinc, manganese, steel, plastic, brass
  • Lithium-ion: cobalt, lithium, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, plastic
  • Lithium: lithium, carbon, cobalt

Where to Recycle Your Used Batteries

When you want to discard used batteries safely, it is crucial to find a recycling center that specializes in electronic waste and hazardous products. Cal Micro Recycling provides a wide range of recycling services throughout Southern, Central, and Northern California. Ensuring that all of our customers’ batteries are properly disposed of is of paramount importance, as mishandling this toxic material is detrimental to the environment.

For more information about proper disposal and recycling services, please call Cal Micro Recycling at 909.572.1661.