Guidelines for Shredding School Documents

Identity thieves are not picky about whose information they steal. Both adults and children are vulnerable to identity theft if their personal details end up in the wrong hands. The most common ways that identity thieves find data is by rummaging through the garbage or stealing directly from mailboxes. While children do not have credit card bills or bank statements arriving in the mail, their school and medical documents do contain information, including their name, social security number, birth date, and address. These can arrive via postage or be sent home and end up in the trash or recycling bin. The best way to protect sensitive paper-based documents and have those documents recycled into new products is by hiring a professional shredding service.

School Documents to Shred

Many parents try to hold onto their children’s documents for safekeeping, but it can pile up after a few school years. Scanning or photographing paperwork and saving them on a hard drive is one option for saving space. After digital copies are made, the papers can be disposed of. Some school documents to shred include:

  • Expired IEPs
  • Report cards/progress reports
  • Unused medical records
  • Copies of birth certificates
  • Field trip authorization forms
  • Extracurricular activity applications

Safe and Secure Shredding

Because child identity theft is growing in popularity, many schools throughout the United States are taking a proactive approach by holding shredding fundraisers. These events encourage parents and administrators to be mindful of the risks and bring any paperwork that contains sensitive material to be thoroughly shredded. If your child’s school does not hold shredding fundraisers, you may want to seek professional document destruction services.

Cal Micro Recycling offers mobile services for on-site document destruction throughout California and can ensure that your personal records are appropriately handled. All documents are cross-cut shred for maximum safety, and a Certificate of Destruction is provided after the shredding is complete. Customers can sign up for a one-time service or have regularly scheduled shredding appointments.

For more information about secure document destruction and mobile shredding services, please contact Cal Micro Recycling at 909.572.1661.

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