How Do I Dispose of CRT Glass Properly?

Cathode ray tubes have been used in computer and television monitors in the past, but they have since been replaced by more advanced technology.  As modern flat screen monitors render cathode ray tube (CRT) technology obsolete, recyclers progressively have less incentive to repurpose CRT devices. CRT monitors have, as a result, been abandoned or improperly disposed of. Not only does this lead to wasted landfill space, but it is also extremely hazardous. The reason this issue generates grave concern is that it is a world-wide problem, generating concerns about widespread dumping, perhaps even from one country to another.  When CRTs were still in use, numerous countries had recycling facilities and vendors would ship to other nations to have the glass processed. With the last recycler and reuse company in India closing their doors to CRTs in 2015, the avenues for direct reuse of the glass are gone.

Why Are CRTs Hazardous?

CRTs contain a variety of toxic materials, but the lead is the most concerning. It is difficult to remove CRT lead for recycling, so the glass tubes and the harmful chemicals that line them end up in landfills or abandoned. When left in the open, the lead from the CRTs can end up airborne. When buried, the lead can seep into and contaminate the soil.

How Do I Dispose of CRT Glass Properly?

Improper disposal of CRTs can lead to breaking of the glass envelope which is formed of leaded glass which is considered a toxic compound and forms a great hazard to the environment. Moreover, barium compounds are considered a great health concern as it is a water soluble compound which if taken in a great dose can cause cardiac irregularities, damages to the nervous system, anxiety and even paralysis.

The best way to dispose of CRTs is by controlled glass destruction that includes a process of neutralizing the harmful chemical compounds prior to final disposition. At Cal Micro Recycling, we demolish glass the right way. We understand the enormous costs of processing old CRT glass and have developed a system that exceeds federal and state environmental standards. By opting for professional glass destruction, you can help reduce the risks involved with the mishandling of CRTs.

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