Secure Data and Document Destruction: Types of Personal Information that Identity Thieves Steal

Identity thieves have adopted several different methods of stealing personal information. Some of the more common ways of obtaining information include sifting through garbage or breaking into mailboxes in search of bank statements and other identifiable material. Old hard drives that get donated or resold, for example, may still contain easily accessible information, even if they have been wiped clean.

What Identity Thieves Look For

In today’s technologically advanced climate, identity theft takes various, more inconspicuous forms. The kind of personal information identity thieves look for includes, but is not limited to:

  • Home addresses
  • Bank statements
  • Social security numbers
  • Driver’s license numbers

Benefits of Mobile Paper Shredding

Professional mobile paper shredding services can protect a business’ sensitive documents and ensure that employee and customer information is properly destroyed. At Shredding Mobile, Powered by Cal Micro Recycling, we:

  • Give our business clients with sealed containers to store documents before shredding
  • Provide punctual, recurring, on-site shredding as requested for business clients and one-time purges for residential clients
  • Shred all documents that exceed minimum NAID standards
  • Issue a Certificate of Destruction after each shredding session

Benefits of Hard Drive Destruction

At Cal Micro Recycling, we safely destroy hard drives utilizing the most advanced destruction technology. Additionally, our trained personnel will:

  • Completely shred all hard drives, including drive platters and magnetic surfaces
  • Clear the hard drives of all information
  • Issue a Certificate of Destruction after each hard drive destruction session

For more information about how to safely and securely dispose of sensitive paper and electronic data, please contact Cal Micro Recycling by calling 909.572.1661.

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