Product Destruction: Unauthorized Reselling

Often a manufacturer’s expired, outdated, recalled, or damaged inventory ends up being resold online without proper authorization. Online commerce companies like Amazon and eBay do not have a screening process sophisticated enough to decipher what dealers are approved to sell certain products, making it difficult to know what vendors to trust. There are specific clues to look out for in regards to unauthorized reselling of electronic goods.

No Warranty

Some unauthorized online companies that sell electronics will claim they can provide official warranties for their goods. However, only legal merchants will deliver on this promise. Double checking that the warranties exist and are directly from the manufacturer will tell you whether a company is selling devices through the correct channels.

Not on the Manufacturer’s List of Authorized Dealers

Many big name manufacturers will keep a list of authorized merchants on their company websites. Doing a little bit of research to check if a vendor is on a manufacturer’s dealer list can eliminate many illegitimate resellers and lead consumers to valid shops.

No Contact Information

One of the easiest ways to tell if a company is legitimately reselling devices and equipment is by calling them directly to see if the serial number has not been removed. If the company does not list their phone number or other contact information, it is likely that they are not authorized to sell most or any of their acquired goods.

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