Why Hard Drive Destruction Is Necessary

Anytime something is saved on a computer, mobile phone, or other electronics, the data is stored in the hard drive of the device. Many people believe that doing a digital reset or deleting old files will remove their information and keep it safe, but that is not always the case. Simply “wiping” an old hard drive by deleting the files or restoring it to its factory condition is not foolproof. When you are upgrading to a new phone or discarding an outdated computer, it is crucial to understand how to keep yourself, your bank account, and your credit score safe from identity theft.

Hacking Technologies

Hackers’ capability to access information has evolved just as quickly as technology has, making it even harder to protect yourself without taking specific and updated precautions. Many computer programs out there can reverse data deletion and leave customers vulnerable to fraudulent activity. All it takes is a little bit of tech savviness or hacking software to reveal personal information on a hard drive that can be used for identity theft. With even a small amount of sensitive data, identity thieves can do the following in your name:

  • Open new bank accounts
  • Start a credit line
  • Make purchases
  • Falsify tax documents
  • Buy or rent properties

Reliable Hard Drive Destruction

The best way to protect valuable information on a hard drive is by professional hard drive data destruction. You can ensure that what lives or lived on your electronics is completely obliterated by having them crushed into small enough pieces that are impossible to put back together. Cal Micro Recycling services customers in Southern, Central, and Northern California as well as Nevada. We take special care to not only crush discarded hard drives but also magnetically wipe the devices for additional security. A Certificate of Destruction is provided after the service has been performed.

To learn more about professional data destruction and how to protect your sensitive information, please call Cal Micro Recycling at 909.467.4800.