Why You Cannot Throw Your Old TV Set in the Trash

Nearly every American household uses a television for their daily entertainment purposes. As technology improves, cathode ray tube (CRT) TVs have been replaced by liquid crystal display (LCD) and light-emitting diode (LED) monitors. The result is a clearer, brighter image quality as well as the convenience and aesthetics of a flatter screen. After purchasing newer and more cutting-edge entertainment sources like flat screens, some consumers wonder what to do with their old TV sets. It may be tempting to throw these outdated devices in the trash, but doing so can have a detrimental effect on the environment.

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What Is Inside Your Old TV Set

CRT television monitors contain more than just a glass display, plastic structures, and wires. Experienced recyclers are familiar with the intricate components of these types of screens and how to deconstruct them. Some of the materials in your old TV set include the following:

Reusable Materials

Televisions are made of several different materials. Some of the most valuable components of an older CRT monitor are metals. CRT TVs usually contain parts made of copper, gold, iron, steel, and many more, all of which can be refined for the manufacturing of new products.

Toxic Materials

Obsolete monitors, including televisions, were made with CRT glass. CRT glass contains hazardous elements, such as lead, beryllium, mercury, and cadmium. When improperly dumped into a landfill, these materials can seep into the groundwater, affecting the local ecosystem.

Where to Recycle Your Old TV Set

Televisions and other CRT video screen electronics must be handled by specially trained recycling experts to ensure that all usable elements are carefully removed, and all hazardous components are safely discarded. The knowledgeable and experienced professionals at Cal Micro Recycling offer CRT glass destruction (as well as other recycling and destruction options), providing environmentally sound and certified services.

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