Does My Old Mattress Need to Be Recycled or Can I Throw It Out?

When purchasing a new mattress, many wonder what to do with their old bed. While it may be tempting to abandon a bulky mattress or take it to the dump, this poses serious risks to the ecosystems surrounding landfills. The average mattress can fill up to 60 cubic feet of landfill space and leaves many valuable materials unused. The best way to protect the environment and get the most out of your old mattress is by going to a recycling facility that specializes in dismantling and repurposing old mattresses. At MAT Services, powered by Cal Micro Recycling, we offer professional mattress recycling services to help minimize landfill crowding and reduce our customers’ carbon footprint.

Are All Mattress Materials Recycled?

mattress layers

As much as 90 percent of a mattress can be used to create new and useful items, which is why it is essential to take your old bed to a recycling facility rather than tossing it into the dump. These are some of the mattress components that can be recycled and how they are repurposed:


  • Metal: A spring mattress can contain as much as 25 pounds of steel, most of which can be manufactured into new products.
  • Foam: Polyurethane foam is commonly found in mattresses and can be used to create animal bedding, carpet padding, and miscellaneous cushions.
  • Fibers: Many mattresses are made of various fibers such as cotton, wool, silk, and polyester. These materials are often used to create padding or insulation.
  • Wood: Larger portions of wood from box springs can be used as firewood, while smaller pieces can be shredded for mulch or fuel.


Can Any Mattress Be Recycled?

The guidelines for mattress recycling depends on each organization’s standards. For example, most centers will not accept mattresses that are soiled or infested with bed bugs due to health risks. However, most facilities receive mattresses and box springs that are torn or broken, as the materials are less likely to be compromised by waste or pests.


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