Target Pays $7.4M for Illegal Dumping of Hazardous Materials

In December 2018, Target Corporation was a part of a $7.4 million settlement with the state of California after research concluded that they had been illegally dumping hazardous waste. This is not the first time the Minnesota-based company was caught throwing away toxic materials. In 2011, Target paid $22.5 million for non-compliance with state guidelines for waste disposal. While Target has taken steps to improve their waste protocol, the damage is still harmful and continues to be a problem.

What Happens When Hazardous Waste Ends Up in Landfills?

The consequences of dumping hazardous materials in landfills can be detrimental to the surrounding ecosystem and even the health of local inhabitants if it gets into the water supply. Various products that were improperly disposed of include:

  • Electronics: All electronics should be taken to an electronics recycling specialist for proper disposal because many of them contain concentrated amounts of metals, such as lead and copper, both of which are dangerous for the environment.
  • Aerosol cans: While toxic chlorofluorocarbons have been phased out of use in aerosol cans in most developed countries, these products still contain chemicals that can harm the environment. They are also flammable, making them especially dangerous.
  • Batteries: Cadmium, mercury, lead, and lithium can be found in batteries. All of these substances pose threats to the ecosystems surrounding landfills.
  • Fluorescent light bulbs: The mercury in fluorescent light bulbs can contaminate the air, soil, and water near a landfill if not carefully handled and disposed of.


How Do I Dispose of Hazardous Materials Properly?

electronic waste broken or damage In recycle bin on old wooden floor with blue sky and clouds background-img-blogItems like those Target disposed of should have been professionally handled by a reputable processing facility. Not only can disposal specialists make sure toxic substances are safely discarded, but they can pull out valuable materials for recycling to minimize environmental damage further. Customers in Southern California can take their obsolete or broken products to Cal Micro Recycling, a recycling business that takes pride in providing optimal solutions for preventing further damage to the environment. Cal Micro Recycling offers electronics recycling, certified product destruction, and other services.


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