E-waste Recycling Gone Wrong

When our electronics break or we replace them with newer and more advanced items, it is imperative to go to a certified recycler. However, not all recycling companies follow proper recycling protocols when processing these goods. There are serious risks when consumers take their obsolete or broken electronics to an illegitimate recycler. For example, many facilities that claim to recycle electronics simply resell discarded devices to other countries. These appliances wind up in the grey market where they can be circulated without the proper regulations. Another possibility is that, without certification, a facility may not take the necessary steps to ensure the safest and most efficient recycling process.

Illegal Exports

Many electronics recycling establishments will promise to recycle your outdated or damaged goods, but some leave them intact and sell them to brokers. These brokers then resell electronics to developing countries for reuse or unregulated destruction. Workers at these remote facilities are often exposed to hazardous substances that are present in electronics because they are not trained in responsible recycling practices. Companies that contribute to illegal exportation of electronic merchandise typically make claims to follow certain steps and fail or use crafty phrasing to make it appear as though they are performing environmentally friendly services.

The Grey Market

If electronics that are sold to businesses in other countries are not destroyed for recycling purposes, they likely end up in the grey market. The devices themselves are not illegal, but they go through unofficial channels before they are sold. Items in the grey market may come from illegitimate recyclers or facilities that have obtained recalled products.

Responsible Recycling

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Consumers who desire responsible and efficient handling of their old products should go to a facility that is determined to do all it can to provide eco-friendly services. Cal Micro Recycling prides itself on delivering high-quality, regulation-compliant electronics recycling and product destruction services in Southern California and surrounding areas.

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