Types of Metals Found in Electronics

Sooner or later, you are bound to replace your electronics due to damage, obsolescence, or changes in preference. Before you throw anything in the trash, however, consider the benefits of recycling your old or broken items. Electronics contain a variety of precious metals that can be used to create new products. Not only does recycling outdated or unused appliances help preserve these materials for future use, but it also helps the environment. The toxic substances in these devices can disrupt the ecosystems around landfills if they are thrown in the trash rather than taken to a recycling facility.

Types of Metals in Electronics

When you are using your smartphone, laptop, television, or other devices, you may not realize the treasure trove you have at your fingertips. Some of the most valuable and useful metals found in electronics include the following:

  • Gold: Because it is malleable and resistant to corrosion, gold can be used in many different electronics. It can be found in cellular phones, tablets, computers, flash drives, and more.
  • Silver: This metal is a highly conductive and cost-effective choice for electric appliances. Silver is used for creating high-voltage contacts, small batteries, and various screens.
  • Palladium: Most electronics with contacts, circuit boards, and computer chips contain palladium.
  • Platinum: This material can be used for making contacts, wires, and magnets.
  • Copper: Due to its excellent conductivity, copper is used for wiring and motors. It is also used in the construction and industrial machinery industries.

Electronics Recycling

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Finding a recycler that specializes in deconstructing and handling electronics is crucial for getting the most out of your old devices and protecting any personal information they may contain. Cal Micro Recycling is a growing facility that offers safe and responsible electronics recycling in Southern, Central, and Northern California as well as Nevada. We are certified by multiple organizations and understand the importance of reusing precious metals and other components of electronics.


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